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What are the Benefits of Vegan Skincare?

With so many products to choose from, you may begin to wonder what products you should use for your skin. With so many different types of products, from toners, serums, creams and lotions, and now vegan skincare is trending for products. Vegan skincare products contain no animal products nor any animal-derived-products which means that the products are more friendly to our animal friends. If you’re weighing your options between traditional skincare and the vegan skincare, this article will help you to decide what’s best for you and the environment. Read on to learn the benefits of vegan skincare and discover why it’s more than this season’s latest fad.

What is vegan skincare?

Vegan skincare is free from animal products, animal by-products. Animal products such as guanine, carmine, gelatin, lanolin, beeswax, collagen, cholesterol, squalane, and estrogen are popular in many traditional skincare products. Many, soaps, cleansers, and moisturizers frequently include animal-derived ingredients in their product formulations.

Rather than using animal-derived ingredients, brands that are vegan tend to use plant-based or synthetic ingredients.

When you opt for a vegan product that is also natural, this ensures you’re getting a product that is brimming with nourishing ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Vegan skincare offers a lot of benefits to your health, animals, and the environment.

When you opt for a vegan product, it doesn't mean that it is cruelty free. Products can be vegan, and still not cruelty free as they can still test products on animals. it can also be the reverse of cruelty free, but still use animal-by-products such as honey. Beauty products should be able to tell you if they are both vegan and cruelty free. Vegan Products are made both from plant-based and synthetic ingredients that offer a plethora of benefits to your skin. Since they contain no animal products they are less likely to cause skin reactions, and are more gentle for your skin. Deriving from nature they have a lot of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for you and your skin. They are healthier and more sustainable than non-vegan products, and are better for the earth. Are the products you use vegan? If you are ready to make the switch to a vegan skincare line to see the benefits to your skin, you have come to the right place. All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, and free of harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and silicones. See the benefit of our products that are very high in vitamins and effective for your skin, and great for the environment.

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