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Which is Better Hyaluronic Acid or Sodium Hyaluronate?

We all know hyaluronic acid helps your skin stay moisturized, but what product should you look for in your skincare ingredients? When looking at your skincare ingredients, there may be Hyaluronic Acid, or sodium hyaluronate, but what is the difference? The main difference between the two are their molecular size and stability. Sodium hyaluronate has a smaller molecular weight than hyaluronic acid, which means in penetrates even deeper than HA can because it is water soluble, it provides deeper hydration. Sodium Hyaluronate is also more stable, and less prone to oxidation so it will maintain a longer shelf life. With it's smaller molecular size sodium hyaluronate penetrates deeper into the skin for hydration, while Hyaluronic acid sits on the top layer of the skin to provide hydration. Both ingredients help hydrate, plump and maintain hydration in your skin, while promoting collagen production making them both great products for your skincare needs. Which ingredient do we use? All of our products containing hyaluronic acid use sodium hyaluronate to benefit a deeper skin penetration.

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